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After School

    (Nasty Gal Leopard Bouse, H&M Skirt, Kelsi Dagger Boots with my own shoe lace, Botkier Haven Satchel, Anarchy Street Owl Cuff)

    I'm thankful for the big windows in my apartment which bring in a lot of sunlight even on cold days but It can be a little tricky especially on days like today since I thought it was super warm until I stepped out of the apartment to go to school but was too late/lazy to change.
    As for my boots, I got them at DSW (on sale!) and they're perfect for me since I hate to wear flats but always need comfortable heels for school and for all the walking I do. I got rid of the matching brown shoe laces and opted for white because the boots were too cute (as in young) and for me.

    Btw, for those who asked about the sizing of the flares from the previous post, I got a size 24 and they fit just perfect. I'm normally a 24/25 depending on the brand.