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Birthday Curse Broken

    Happy Friday! Guess what day it is besides Friday?
    My Birthday!
    I'm really not a big birthday person because I have this thing kind of like a birthday curse where all of my birthdays except two that I can remember have been crappy. However, today's a little different as two exciting things are happening!

    First, remember this post where I came back from a photo shoot and had my make up and hair done? Well, it was for BEBE and now the shoot is up!
    I teamed up with BEBE and picked out some of my holiday favorites to share with you guys.

    Second of all, I am typing this at an airport! To break my crappy birthday curse, Wesley Mason surprised me today to a Hawaii birthday getaway for the weekend.
    I had no idea till we got to the airport because he planned it so well!!
    eeeeeek, I am so excited as I've never been to Hawaii and I can't believe he did this for me.
    I am one lucky girl.

    Hope you guys enjoy your weekend and please hop over to to check out my holiday gift guide! I promise you won't be disappointed!