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Still Alice

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    To all of your surprises, I actually read. I've just finished reading this one book called Still Alice which is about a well respected Harvard professor, Alice getting alzheimer and her struggles through it. This book started off pretty slow despite the fact that it's really thin but oh my gosh, after the super boring first 10 pages, it got so good that I couldn't stop reading it. I forget something every single day. I forget my cell phone most of the time and leave it somewhere. I could never find my lotion so I have two of each(one in the bathroom and one in somewhere in the apartment) and I also have two glasses because I could never find them. I'm sure I annoy the hell out of people around me and in a very tiny bit I feel like I could relate to Alice. No, it's nothing like what any alzheimer pation and their family are going through, it's really nothing, but I feel her pain, and her family's pain. Ugh, this book just hit me deep in the heart. Aimeeways, it's not just a sad alzheimer story so people don't get depressed and if you have spare time, you should read this book.

    Btw, before I finished reading Still Alice I read The Time Traverler's Wife and I think it was the best novel I've read this year (to be honest, I only read three books this year lol) I'm not sure how the movie is, but you should definitely get yourself a copy of The Time Traverler's Wife. If the ending doesn't make you cry, you are one cold hearted, you know what. It's not really a sad story though. It's super funny too. Ok, enough of me babbling about books.
    People, have a great week!