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Feeling Neutral

    It was raining, (once again!!) in San Francisco,
    but because I was a good girl who went to school and didn't ditch,
    I got out when it stopped raining. =)
    Aimeeways, thought I'd share some gorgeous neutral living rooms with you..

    I heart the gorgeous graphics/patterns on the pillows and fabrics.

    It gives a neutral living room a less boring look.

    I love this living room that Johnathan Adler designed. I absolutely heart the mirror

    (image source: Katya de Grunwald, Domino, Decor Pad)

    and this is me today, my face looked very crappy so I wore my glasses (not that it really covers anything. lol)

    Image Hosting by

    Arden B outfit, Forever 21 belt, H&M necklace